We shall serve our customers with full dedication, carefulness, without repeating mistakes.
We shall constantly check our quality in all that we do and continue to improve on the same.
We shall work as a team, & share information between us for furthering cause of enterprise in meeting prompt deliveries & good after-sales service.
Winning & retaining trust of our customers will be our first priority.

Thirty Five Plus Years of Existence
From a meager start with a total capital outley of less than Rs. One Lac in 1975, today we have grown to the present size with gross block of around Rs. 20 lacs & manufacturing equipments worth million of rupees annually. ........ more


We at AIROCHEM are devoted to quality of our service & products. Due care has been taken to integrate various quality assurance systems in our manufacturing plan.
All incoming raw material are tested for chemical analysis & physical properties as required.
All brought incoming raw materials are branded to ensure........ know more


Global Partners:
Sealpump Engineering Limited (UK) - For Dust Suppression, and Spray Nozzles 
GEA Mechanical Equipment UK Ltd - GEA Breconcherry Division (UK) - For Cleaning In-Place (CIP) nozzles

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