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Centrifugal Fans

To prove the fan performance we gradually built the test rig, test ducts, and procured the test instruments like precision manometers, grade 1 electrical measuring instrument.

This phase of development sustained us till year 1985, when we had to enter boiler fan manufacturing. Here, we had formidable completion from international players, having technical knowhow built across centuries. We needed efficiency enhancement program.

The challenge was accepted by the young team of engineers. The team built 140 models using logarithmic blade shapes for building comprehensive test data. And using the modern tools like, Solidedge of which we have 3 copies purchased in 2008, we now build reliable and high efficient fans for up market, which are designed using automated program for designing. Occasionally, we get our models efficiency enhanced by outsourcing CFD analysis done on models which do not equal or better performance of competition.

FD Fan India
FD Fan India
FD Fan India

Fans are available up to 1 million cubic meters per hour, and in diameters up to 3.5Meters. Blades are backward curved, straight inclined backward, or radial. Pressures up to 3000mmwg and power up to 3000Kw are available.

Simple shaft seals, labyrinth seals, or carbon shaft sealing are available. Flame proof construction fans are also made. Fan versions with high driving power have split fan housing and two-sided shaft bearings. High efficiencies up to 91%, and low noise level are achieved by using latest technological advances. Large fan structures are analyzed for stability to give trouble free services during operational life of a fan.